Throughout the past year there have been ups and downs, and sometimes slow spots, that have made this experience a ride I’ll always remember. A clear end in sight was not always apparent, but there was a little light at the end of the the end of the tunnel; just enough to keep me focused on a goal. What started as a fun and freeing form of exercise shifted into entertainment for a community and an idea to make a noticeable and worthy difference in the world. What you see with the wheelies, I feel, is now part of something much bigger. Whenever I ride it’s not so much for my enjoyment anymore, or to show off my skills to turn heads and get a thumbs up from passing drivers. I’m always reminding myself of the logo I proudly sport on my shirt and the cause I’m promoting. I wanted to take this chance, before I attempt to ride the longest wheelie I ever have, and thank anyone and everyone who is reading this. Your encouragement and support has kept me on track and I am grateful you are a part of this.

This has been a job for me, and I have loved going to work.

I was once pulled over by a police officer who I tried to explain what I was doing riding wheelies on the sidewalk (always aware of pedestrians and opening car doors), occasionally coasting through red lights, and weaving through stopped traffic for. I said to him, “I’m out here everyday, this is like my job.” He glared over his glasses and doubtibly replied, “Oh really now. who pays you to do these stunts?” and proceeded to tear off a ticket. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more stoked on the fact that my plan is working and in a way, I am getting paid to ride now. All of the money is funding well drilling in Africa and bringing clean water to people in need. What now, Mr. Officer? Told ya’ so.

The Adventure Begins

Looking back, I know now I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. The dots have been connected the canvas is about to see it’s last stroke. You see, when I was a kid I used to have dreams about bikes, fantasize trail rides and even draw out what my future bike would look like in detail. I have heard stories of when I took my own training wheels off.. (they throw off your balance apparently). And even on short rides home from day-care with Mom creeping slowly a few blocks behind me in the car I felt independent and adventurous. If you would have told me that adventure would lead me to this I would have thought you were pulling my leg.

One For The Record Books With Clean Water On The Line

It’s finally time I prove myself and ride one more wheelie, one for the record books, that will solidify my commitment to help provide those in need of clean water with the one resource we all need to live a happy and healthy life. These families and children I have never met, but I know they need help and I think they deserve every chance to get an education, live a fulfilled life and not worry about where they will get their water to drink. Just because they are far away and across an ocean doesn’t mean we can’t make a positive impact on their situation. Everyone has talents, ambitions and aspirations and I feel very lucky I can utilize my unique skill to raise awareness and make a change in the way our world is accommodating human life. After all, we are humans and it’s in the core of our nature to want to help others who can’t help themselves.

Enjoy The Show? Support The Flow.

Come show your support for the flow and join me, as I attempt a world record; riding over 11 miles on one wheel in just an hour. The track is located at South Salem High School on Ruran Ave. SE. The wheelie will last for one hour beginning at 8:30am lasting until 9:30am. Fresh coffee and hot chocolate, t-shirt sales and signing, and a root tootin’ good time!

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