If you’ve seen me riding around town you know I have no problem riding up and down city blocks, on sidewalks or in bike lanes, and occasionally switching lanes with traffic. But, what I can’t do in town is accurately measure the distance of my longest wheelie. The search for a venue with a flat track suitable to accommodate a world record attempt begins.

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And you thought the wheelie riding was the hard part.

I have contacted principles and athletic directors of West High school and Willamette University asking for permission to use the track and bleachers on a Sunday, during the summer, for a few hours. I was surprised at the red tape and overwhelming bureaucracy I encountered after telling my plan for the good cause I was getting behind and wanting to hold this event for.

In fact, I was met with hourly fees, applications, and insurance requirements that need to be submitted before the West Salem High/the City of Salem would even consider allowing use of their facilities. At Willamette I was almost turned down completely, being told that absolutely no bikes are allowed on the track.

I have been persistent with my requests and if good things are worth working through adversity for then this must be the first hoop to jump through. I’m not writing off either of those options completely, but I just feel like there is some venue out there that would be honored to host the event for us free of charge and less hassle with insurance.

I didn’t think this was going to be such a big deal.

I just want a lot of people to come watch the record, learn about the clean water crisis, and buy a t-shirt or donate to the campaign. And really, what makes me so special? Does your mom need a permit or sign off on insurance to go speed walk around the track? And how about the ultimate frisbee weekend warriors that go out on the turf? I’m sure they could use some insurance… but because what I’m doing is accepting donations for a charitable cause they see it as a fundraising event. So that must mean I’ve got a lot of money to spend on renting and insuring the place, right? Wrong. I just want to ride around a track for an hour, that’s it, that’s all.

Salem track for clean water world record.

So now, I extend the search and ask anyone that knows of a track that will allow for an hour or two of one wheeled biking, world record setting, and a whole lot of clean water fun to please contact me. [box type=”info” style=”rounded”]If you don’t know of a venue but you’d be willing to help offset the cost of securing insurance and rental fees, contributions are gladly accepted aside from the Charity:water donations.[/box] The date for the ride and event would ideally be in late June or early July before the weather gets too hot.  I’ve prepared myself, my bike, and my skills to be ready to break the record this summer. Word is spreading quickly of the goal to raise money for wells in Africa and I’m confident that with your help we can make this happen.

Wheelie Across Water St. Bridge

Wheelie Across Water St. Bridge

Thank you for your support.

As always, when involved with something for the greater good we all know how much our actions have an impact on others. Just by reading this you are showing interest and now you can decide to take action and do your part to contribute to the Wheelie For Water Campaign. If that means donating a couple dollars or sharing our Facebook page with your friends you’ll know you’ve done what you can to bring clean water to those in need.

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