Need Help Marketing and Promoting Wheelie For Water

By April 27, 2012Updates

Calling all marketers and creatives!

Attention: I’ve been doing the best I can on my own to market and spread word of the W4W initiative, but I’m only one guy and riding my bike is what I do best… not press and promotions. I’m in desperate need of someone who can help plan and execute some marketing schemes to really take this idea to the next level.

Help is needed with things like:

  • writing a mission statement and press release
  • contacting local media outlets and potential sponsors
  • improving the conversation about Wheelie for Water online
  • writing/editing blog posts

I’m always open to more creative ideas that you may already have, so let’s hear it. I’ve been told this is a great idea and has potential to be something bigger and better than I imagined when it started. If you have the same vision for this as I do then let’s get together and make it happen.

It’s crunch time

With a tentative date for setting a new world record less than two months away, some would say that doesn’t leave much time to get this off the ground. That may be true, and that’s exactly why I’m looking for someone like you. So, time is of the essence and I’m working harder and harder each day to make this into a reality… please consider lending a hand.

If you, or someone you know wants to help make this as big of a deal as it can (and should) be please contact me as soon as possible. I can be reached directly by email or you can fill out the form on the contact page.

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