Water Changes Everything

The mission starts with recognizing a basic and fundamental need of everyone. It’s something that you may take for granted, while nearly 1 billion people go without clean drinking water in developing countries all over the world. I’m sure they didn’t choose for it to be like this, and there is something we can do to help.

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I think now, we can all agree that it’s not just a matter of having clean water to drink. It’s a crisis that is taking countless lives of children away. If you could imagine for a second yourself in their shoes (bare feet is probably more accurate), wouldn’t you want someone to reach out to help you? We’ve got the resources and means to help them.

The Campaign for Clean Water

My aspirations are to collect donations to help aid in the drilling of clean water wells in African villages. I’ve got local and family support backing my campaign and I hope one day to spread the word across the globe. It’s a mission in it’s infancy, and has only begun with an idea and some action. I’ll wheelie until we’ve drilled wells all in the name of clean water and saving lives. Don’t you think it’s time for you to do your part and show your support? Enjoying the show? Support the flow.

Clean water wheelies

Sunday Wheelies

We’re all in this together as humans, and we’ve got to look out for each other. You today, me tomorrow. Meaning, help someone out today. You never know if you might need some help tomorrow.

Waterfront wheelie for clean water in Africa

Waterfront wheelie for clean water in Africa

Oh, and there is a world record wheelie ride to be broken. I’m going to attempt to pedal with my front wheel in the air for 11 miles in only one hour! I’m not really riding for the record, but that seems like a good way to get some people’s attention. I’m riding because I think everyone deserves clean water. I’m wheelie-ing to change some lives, to make smiles. There’s just a week left to donate to my Charity:water campaign this time around. Any little bit helps and we’ve already raised $715 dollars so far. Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and donations.

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