Wheelie For Water 2012 has begun

Our new logo is ready for screen printing and the new t-shirts are on the way. Don’t miss out on your chance for a hand printed shirt that supports a good cause. Follow the W4W twitter account and there might just be a chance to win your t-shirt for free. Where my tweeters at?!

The wheelie training is in full swing

… and we even had some time to edit the Wheelie For Water video premier. It’s been a hit so far, almost 450 views in the first two days! Thank you everyone for watching and please share with your friends and family. We need this message to be heard, everyone deserves clean drinking water.

Wheelie for Water – Chris Barnett from Oregon Trail Trash Productions on Vimeo.

Please watch this video about clean drinking water and world record wheelies!

The wheelie in this video was 1 continuous wheelie from start to finish. Chris never touched the ground. When watching the video and it seems like we might have cut it and started over is my bad bike riding and filming skills. I’m not good at it. Thanks for watching and this is important, every penny helps!

You can help support the flow by donating right here on the website.
Or by visiting the official
Wheelie For Water Charity:water campaign page.

Song: No Go Know – We Discovered Water
Edited in FCP 6
Filmed with Gopro Hero

Oh.. hey look down there, fancy buttons that let you share all this clean water and wheelie goodness. You know you want to.

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