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I have no words for the wave of donations that have poured in over the last two days. The news of the new world record picked up traction in the Sunday Statesman and even before that, on the W4W Facebook page.

At the world record event yesterday my friends and family that were there pooled their money, bought some shirts and raised $428.25. It was an awesome turnout you guys, your cheers kept me pedaling until the end, when I just ran out of gas. I was close to falling a few laps before in that same corner, faltered & recovered, then glanced over at Keith who was trailing with a follow cam… “These last few laps weren’t for the record,” I told him “They’re for clean water for everyone.”

This was my seal of approval for the mission to bring every human being the natural resources that we all deserve to have access to.

In the name of clean water, Wheelie For Water approves this message. 

KOBBI R. BLAIR | Statesman Journal


An Open Door of Support

Then, was an invite from Jonathan Lewellyn to a few services at West Salem Foursquare Church. So I wheelied down the center isle and got to chat with pastor John about the new world record and plan for clean water. The response from everyone was overwhelming. I couldn’t help but shake some nerves as the congregation appeared when I coasted through the propped open doors. Some say they were looking forward to it, and were expecting my appearance. And most were moved in some way, some say inspired by story and we chatted and wheelied between services this afternoon. Pausing to take some candid shots with the kids or sell all but two of the remaining t-shirts! The money raised from the shirt sales and kid’s allowances they wanted to exchange for a snapshot brought in just over $240! I had so much fun.

Drumroll please….

When I say they were ready for me when I got there, I mean they had a Wheelie For Water pedestal and donation bucket and encouraged one big push to try and reach my goal of $5,000. Well, a combined three services and a completely supportive community of people embraced the Wheelie vibe and collectively donated just over $1,900!

Great news! We’re almost ready to drill a well.

After some rough addition I’m very happy to say we raised $2,435.25 this weekend. A world record and huge leap closer to a clean water well. I feel go grateful for the support and enthusiasm from all of you getting behind me on this. I’ve still got a ways to go so I’ll continue to wheelie. I’m still having fun with this and think it’s just the beginning of the ride. Who’s coming with me?


That’s right! we are less than $600 away from my goal. Hard work is starting to pay off.

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