It’s here! The proof is here. Track the drilling rig and see where people are getting the clean water we helped bring to them. Back in September of 2011 the Wheelie For Water campaign, in partnership with charity:water, raised money to help fund a brand new drilling rig to be stationed in Northern Ethiopia.

They call him, Yellow Thunder. Bring on the rain!

Yellow Thunder drilling rig

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You have donated $1,290 in the first three W4W campaign rounds. That’s the equivalent of serving approximately 50 people, giving them access to clean water, changing their lives. And now that we know there is a rig out there drilling for every dollar you give, it would seem silly not to pitch in a couple bucks today.

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Watch them drill the first well.

There you have it folks, we did it. I couldn’t be more happy and thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement since starting this venture. Here’s a list of the wonderful people who’ve opened their hearts and wallets for these thirsty kids. Thank you everyone, could not do this without you.

Alex Williams
Lisa Gurney
Sean Fair
Matt Tripplet
Shaina Thomes
Kourtney Linebaugh
Lorraine Evensen
Paula Barnett
Hannah Williams
Michael Martin
Andrew Haynes
Reggie Chambers
Tyler Bradstreet
Claire Coba
Alex Miller
Jon Barnett
Sarah Gander
Karen Bradstreet
Angela Webster
Carly Rominger
Wallace Barnett
Robin Evensen
Dan Donaldson
Tyler Dudley
Julie Irwin
Lauren Iaquinta
Nick Sims
Laurie Kenneth


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