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663 million people don’t have clean water, and we have the power to change that.
The craziest thing we can do is nothing.

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What is
Wheelie For Water?

It was a few years ago when I first learned about the clean water crisis. I became aware that there are nearly 1 billion people living without access to clean, disease-free water to drink. I’ve since then made it my mission to raise the awareness of the need for clean water in developing and recovering countries with my unique talent. I ride wheelies on my bike to raise money for clean water wells to be drilled for those in need. A Wheelie For Water charity:water campaign makes it easy to donate, and 100% of your money will be sent directly to the field where it’s used best.

More About my Mission

Wheelie For Water

Why I’m Riding For Rwanda

I want to make certain these kids and their families have clean water to drink.
Watch the video from charity:water September campaign 2012

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100% of your donations fund new drilling projects. Improve someone’s life.

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