Riding a Wheelie, What Does It Take?

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Wheelie for Water

I’ve been stopped and asked many a time “How do you ride a wheelie for that long?” or “How long did it take you to learn how to do that?” Well, I’m here to try and explain the learning process and some of the key things I’ve learned about riding some of the world’s longest wheelies.

Wheelie For Water

It might be easier than it looks.

Some of the fundamentals are obvious; balance, strength, focus, endurance… but that’s not all it takes to keep a front tire in the air for longer than a few pedals. Your balance comes from knowing your surroundings and being conscious of your immediate presence has on the space around you. To make your balance better, then you need some strength in your legs & arms, your core, and your back. Now, with an ample amount of strength you’ll be ready for the long haul and endurance won’t play a factor. But, your focus… your focus will keep you gliding along, floating weightless, or pull you back to the – riding you and gravity are comfortable with.

Play with the all the possibilities.

Okay, now focus on this. When you see a wheelie one perception is that there is one sweet spot, one perfect balance point. This is somewhat true, but I’ve found a better way. There is perfection all around us, and exploring all the possibilities and learning to work with every angle of that sweet spot is the secret. You see, if you can shift your weight from one side to the other to correct for an error in balance… and learn to do that from every direction where you might fall out of perfect alignment… then you now have the ability to reach and every boundary of the balance point.

Wheelie for Water

Keep things moving and use the force.

While you are adjusting to this new found space you inhabit it’s important to remember keep something moving and use any opposing forces to your advantage. Movement does not hinder the flow you enter when pulling up your front tire and using the force of your breaks, or a few swift pedal strokes can help counteract a change in the flow of energy around you.

Lessons for life and why this is important.

Let me try and connect these dots for you. Without water, there is no life. We’re all here to help others and without working together everyone isn’t going to make it. We all have the physical ability to do anything we choose to help change the lives of people of this earth. It’s not a question of strength, or balance that keeps my wheelies in the air for this clean water. It’s because I can imagine another possibility for the kids in villages who are thirsty and not living the fulfilled and happy lives they have the capacity to do. These are people just like you who need your help. This is one earth made up of mostly water… although we are many individuals, we all need one resource to live.

Will you help support the flow?

Now you can help keep things moving by supporting this cause and sharing with everyone who cares. Together we can do something incredible, there is a force working to make all of this fall into place exactly as it should. So I’m asking you to recognize how important this is; not only to me and the people who enjoy seeing me ride wheelies, but how important it is to contribute to the well-being of the entire human family. We all are a part of each other and to improve someone else only improves you. What do you have to loose?

Why wait? Donate!

Visit the charity:water campaign to find out some more about the organization I’m raising money with and see the affect your contribution will have. All donations, yes that’s 100% of funds, go to the people in need. Months down the road when the well is drilled we can track it with GPS! How cool is that? Not to mention, a tax write off!

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